Nikhil Suresh(non-registered)
Srinivasan, amazing man, i Loved your have beautifully captured the mangalorean style of wedding . Thanks macha.
Vitthal Patil(non-registered)
I WATCHED the Swati-Adam wedding photographs. Just amazing. I have never seen wedding album like this. You captured all the emotions that are part ofan Indian wedding. I know Swati well & was already knowing that you are the special wedding photographer. I am amazed by the pics.
i want to see the photo album
N Santhanam(non-registered)
Superb photos. Enjoyed every bit & its as though the clock has been put back on 1st & 2nd June 2014. We only know what sort of difficulties Venkat Balaji had to go through. Nice job done
Hey Venkat,

Amazing pics.. Lovely moments we could cherish for life. All of us liked the way you covered the wedding. Thanks a lot.

We believe there is lots in store for you.Good Luck.
Hi Venkat,
Nicely done. We enjoyed watching the album. It gives a nice flow of the evening. Very nice work with the lens. Follow your passion.

Hi K&K,
You must be very happy that Venkat "covered" the wedding.
Srividhya Srinivasan(non-registered)
Awesome Photos..Loved the way you have captured every single moment. Beautifiul :). Getting addicted to see the pictures again and again.

You have got some magic in your hands VB :) G8..Thanks..
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